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About our company

Over 12 years of experience and a team of export enthusiasts, we are a leading export and import company in eastern Africa

Hirut Export was founded by Mr. Ephrem  Fikru. We are export and import company with a mission to deliver Ethiopia’s agricultural products with superior quality to the global market. Our company based in Ethiopia, Addis Abeba, exports a high-quality agricultural products with competitive pricing while meeting the highest expectations of the global market. 

Since 1997, Our company have exported to asia, europa, africa middle east and america. We take great pride in providing products that helped our clients achive their business goals.  We aim to reach every corner of the globe with our service and quality products to build an everlasting relationship with our customers.

Why Work With us?

What makes our company different from the competitions? and why are we the ideal choice for your company? Here’s 3 reasons why you should work with us

  • Quality Products

    We believe that customer satisfaction is a key to business success in the export and import industry. We understand that to build an ever lasting relationship, we must know what our customers need and provide quality products and service. 

  • Competitive price

    Our pricing model is "value-based", where our customers get the most value for the competitive price they pay for our products. 

  • FAst Shipping time

    We know that every seconds counts in business,
    which is why we've partnered with leading logistic company to ensure that our goods are shipped to your destination port on time.

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